Morning walk

Each morning I go for a walk when it’s cool and less buggy. The walk is meditative and a good time to work out plot twists and timeline problems in my book. When I get home I make a nice hot cappuccino and write down all my notes. On the weekend I read over my week of notes and start writing. Or, I just get bogged down with more research.

Hawk behavior

I was watching this Coopers Hawk in my back yard when it turned around and flattened itself lengthwise on a limb. I don’t know if it was because 3 other hawks were moving around it at the time, or if it’s camouflage, hunting behavior. Either way it was cool to see, and I’m glad I captured the moment. Check out the wing hanging below the limb in the middle image.hawkx3

To see the full-size image, right-click on the photo and open link in a new tab or window.

Writing For Success

This past weekend I attended the Writing for Success seminar.  I liked it. Chris Millis was a great speaker, very informative. His visual aids were terrific and really hammered home the points he was making. The information about Indie Publishing from Debbi Wraga, Northshire Bookstore and Shirepress, held the most interest for me. I think Indie Publishing is the future, and the way to go, for me at least.

There were other great and interesting speakers, and it was fun to see a few familiar faces in the crowd of attendees. Writers, what an eclectic bunch.

Vordingborg in my kitchen

Ahhh, at last, framed and hung –



Awesome art by Brad Mossman, thanks Brad.

Order one for yourself.

Vordingborg – Smeary Fairy

vordingborg-large vordingborg-detail

A Smeary Fairy in my home all the way from beautiful Vordingborg, Denmark. Awesome art by Brad Mossman, thanks Brad.

Order one for yourself.


I just completed a new painting. Everything I draw or paint lately is related to the book I’m writing, The Custodians, Covolved. The painting is an environment

There’s more art from the book and a larger version of the underwater scene at DeviantArt.

Or – download wallpapers for your computer here.