Vordingborg in my kitchen

Ahhh, at last, framed and hung –



Awesome art by Brad Mossman, thanks Brad.

Order one for yourself.

Vordingborg – Smeary Fairy

vordingborg-large vordingborg-detail

A Smeary Fairy in my home all the way from beautiful Vordingborg, Denmark. Awesome art by Brad Mossman, thanks Brad.

Order one for yourself.


I just completed a new painting. Everything I draw or paint lately is related to the book I’m writing, The Custodians, Covolved. The painting is an environment study.fish

There’s more art from the book and a larger version of the underwater scene at DeviantArt.

Or – download wallpapers for your computer here.

So dark

Ugh, it’s 3:31 in the afternoon in upstate New York and it’s so frigging dark already.

Sad Robot


Time slip


High brow:

Tempus Fugit

Low brow:

WTF happened to my weekend?

Where did my weekend go? The weekends go by so fast it has to be time travel. It’s the only logical explanation.

Gir on my laptop

Gir on macbook pro

Gir is on my laptop. Nom nom nom…

Bye Jeff –

Sadly, today I learned Jeffrey Catherine Jones passed away in 2011. How did I miss this!!!

I am so sad. This has been a bad year with the loss of Mcquarrie and most of all Moebius.

Bye Jeff, rest in peace mate. I love your work.

Operations SNAFU’d

Arg, it’s snowing out, a good 12 inches so far. Operations are on hold, SNAFU.

Featured t-shirt, Japanese bird motif

A bird in an old Japanese print caught my eye. I redrew it, arranged it into a triangular-circle so that it becomes a unique motif. I have two versions available, one black for light colored t-shirts, and one white for dark colored shirts.

T-shirts come in a large variety of types and colors. Prices range from $19.99 and up.