Went out early this morning and voted. It was 30 degrees out, crisp, clean Adirondack air, all the fall colors stood out sharp and brilliant. Everyone in the polling station was in a good mood, there was plenty of laughter and greeting of neighbors, the advantage of living in a small town.

I filled in my ballot, colored in all the little circles, then ran the ballot into the scanner. The scanner sucked the ballot right out of the privacy sleeve, I waited with the monitor until we got the clunk, the ballot was locked away. I actually miss the old mechanical voting machine/booth, you know, pulling the big lever to close the curtains behind you, secure in your private space. Then, looking at the oversized ballot and flipping the plastic levers for your candidate. X marked your vote in each little cutout window. When you were done, satisfied at fulfilling your civic duty, you moved the big lever back to the right and listened to all the mechanical gears and stuff whirring and clanking, recording your vote. There was something solid, a more concrete way of having your vote registered. Oh well, call it progress.

Mucking about

Mucking about with a WordPress site. General Atomic is slowly being resurrected, and I hope to do some blogging here. I’m not sure what that means for Togaville, I haven’t been posting there very often. I’ll probably keep it around as a photoblog, at least for now.