skull from the Red Palm

The first book I’ve written, the Red Palm

I’ve started the website and blog for my book, the Red Palm. When you look online for author advice, book websites and related stuff, all the jabber tells you to make a book specific website. The Red Palm is already being used by a bar somewhere, and plus, I have its sequel, La Trinacria to think of, too.

So, I named the site after my protagonist, Braedon Knowles. The adventures of Braedon Knowles, all around swell guy. Initially, the site will be all about the Red Palm, and eventually, I’ll add La Trinacria to it.

I’m doing all the art for the site, trying to keep in the style of the 1920s: black and white, hash-marks and stippling.

The first chapter of the book is available to read, or download as a PDF, check it out.