The Red Palm Website Update

Things are moving ahead on the website for the Red Palm, and its sequel, La Trinacria. I’m adding art and content – check it out:

Krazy Kat and Ignatz

I love Krazy Kat and Ignatz. George Herriman was a genius, funny, and a damn fine illustrator. RIP


Vordingborg in my kitchen

Ahhh, at last, framed and hung –



Awesome art by Brad Mossman, thanks Brad.

Order one for yourself.

Vordingborg – Smeary Fairy

vordingborg-large vordingborg-detail

A Smeary Fairy in my home all the way from beautiful Vordingborg, Denmark. Awesome art by Brad Mossman, thanks Brad.

Order one for yourself.


I just completed a new painting. Everything I draw or paint lately is related to the book I’m writing, The Custodians, Covolved. The painting is an environment

There’s more art from the book and a larger version of the underwater scene at DeviantArt.

Or – download wallpapers for your computer here.

Sad Robot


Gir on my laptop

Gir on macbook pro

Gir is on my laptop. Nom nom nom…

Bye Jeff –

Sadly, today I learned Jeffrey Catherine Jones passed away in 2011. How did I miss this!!!

I am so sad. This has been a bad year with the loss of Mcquarrie and most of all Moebius.

Bye Jeff, rest in peace mate. I love your work.

Featured t-shirt, Japanese bird motif

A bird in an old Japanese print caught my eye. I redrew it, arranged it into a triangular-circle so that it becomes a unique motif. I have two versions available, one black for light colored t-shirts, and one white for dark colored shirts.

T-shirts come in a large variety of types and colors. Prices range from $19.99 and up.