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Sythian Stag

Scythian Stag – Mummy Tattoo

My rendition of a tattoo found on the mummified remains of a Scythian chieftain. This bad-ass Chieftan was unearthed from a Kurgan burial mound in the Altai Mountains in Siberia. He was alive circa 500 BC. The original tattoo design had the hind legs of the stag twisted around unnaturally in what archeologists believe is an indication of a killed, or hunted animal. I chose to reverse the legs, make the design more stylized and revitalize the stag in a tribute to the chieftain and his prey. Here’s to a tattoo artist creating amazing designs so far ahead of his time. Cheers mate.


Tillie in Asbury Park, NJ – or was

Tillie, the kinda fun, kinda creepy face from the old Palace Amusements building in good ol’Asbury. There were attempts to save a lot of the old buildings, places like Palace Amusements were torn down in the name of “Progress.” Tillie was “saved” and is apparently rotting away in a shed somewhere. So if you, like me, have a lot of memories hanging out at the Jersey shore, you’ll want a Tillie for yourself. There aren’t too many photos of Tillie, I scavenged all that I could find and made a composite image. I compensated for distortion since all the photos were shot at street level, looking up, and usually at an angle, never head-on. I traced the composite photo in illustrator, used a variety of color samples to average, and filled in my drawing. I think the end result is a pretty accurate representation.