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Words in my second awesome novel

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Update on the Red Palm

After four drafts, at least, I sent the book off to an editor. She line edited, and schooled me on style and content. I got back a corrected version of the book, some parts deleted, with small additions, mostly attention to detail things. She also included twenty-five pages of notes, suggestions for character development, ideas, even a bit of research.

I’ve re-written several areas throughout the book, based on my editors notes, all brilliant suggestions too. Now I’m tidying up. I have to set up a meeting with a friend and discuss publishing.

Where I’m at –

The Red Palm – Finished, edited, researching publishing. Weighing my options: traditional versus self-publishing, and all that entails. Sheesh.

La Trinacria – Third draft is done. I want to give it a little more mystery and eloquence.

The Custodians, Covolved – I really think the story, concepts covered, and characters in this book are awesome, but it’s been a mess since the beginning. I wrote the book in the first person, entirely from the viewpoint of the protagonist. I hated it, and re-wrote it, switching to third-person omniscient. Now I have to add in the thoughts and motivations of all the other character of which there are many. What an undertaking. It’ll be years before I think it’s ready for prime-time.

What got me started.

You’re probably thinking, what writing? You write? What do you write?
Well, let’s say I dabble. A little.

I’ve always thought of myself as an artist. Always. There came a period of time when it seemed I couldn’t execute what was in my mind, on paper. I wasn’t happy with anything and it got worse. Everything I did looked like crap.

I had to get ideas out of my head in order to make room for more, so, I started putting words on paper. Three years later I had a 220,000 word novel. I liked it. I thought it was pretty tight, starts with a slow burn and the pace picks up as the story progresses. I thought the story was complex on many levels and the characters were interesting and likable. The reviews were pretty bad. From family. Bad.

I set that story aside and whipped out a completely different novel. The first was sci-fi, the new one is supernatural and begins in 1929. It was a lot easier to write, we sorta know what it was like in 1929. I didn’t have to do all the world-building required in sci-fi. I didn’t have to give all the elaborate detail, and set the rules for different worlds, cultures, creatures and beings. Don’t even mention alien languages and naming conventions.

The new book is called The Red Palm. It’s short and fast. After a little more editing I hope to post the first chapter or two on General Atomic. Soon. (Take that with a grain of salt. Today is July 31st, 2014.)
So now I’m like –


One thing the first book did was get me drawing again. Since it was sci-fi it had plenty of aliens, actually it was their universe, humans were the aliens. Anyhow, I would write an elaborate description for a character, example: Ono of the Orissi. SEE HIM HERE. It occurred to me to sketch him out. Usually, when I drew the character according to gospel I’d think, “That looks stupid.” I would redraw the character so he or she looked good, I mean pretty cool. Then I would go back to my story and change the description to the new and improved, visually stimulating version. Ahhhh, much better.

The bad news. With The Red Palm I’m not much interested in drawing people from the 1920s. Aliens are much more fun. However, there is good news too. It turns out I love doing book covers. I really liked the cover I did for book one. It was colorful, attention grabbing, meaningful in that it represented an alien symbol discovered by the humans and their attempts to put meaning to it.

The Red Palm offers interesting possibilities. I researched a ton of mystery and adventure book covers from the 1920s and 30s. I could take a more authentic route with a limited color palette and bold, art-deco-like shapes. I’m leaning towards something else entirely, intricate pen and ink. Maybe I’ll post a few ideas and take votes. Nah, what do you rubes know? Design by consensus always blows.